Vaughan grew up with entrepreneur parents whom owned and operated a chain of Bridal Salons for over 38 years. This is where he learned a great deal about customer service, dedication to improving the product and listening to the customer. At a very young age he learned what hard work meant. Vaughan’s father worked a full-time job during the day for 42 years and a 2nd full time job, at one of the family’s bridal shops, in the evenings and on weekend for 38 years.  As a young boy Vaughan remembers buying trips to the manufacturers and falling asleep under the designer's sketch desk in scraps of satin and silk.


These experiences fused clothing manufacturing and sales into his DNA. After College, he went to work for a traditional uniform company selling marching band and related apparel, it was a natural fit. Over the years, Vaughan was fortunate to be mentored by one of the industry’s most respected and longest standing individuals. The amount of knowledge and experience he parted with Vaughan is truly amazing and Vaughan would not be where he is today without him. 

Through his 14 years in the industry, Vaughan has seen many changes. Programs have become more athletic and physically demanding on the performers, while the basic marching band uniform has not adapted or improved to account for these changes.

 This led Vaughan to start G2 Performance and look outside the box to see what is working and what is not. Vaughan decided to take a chance by redesigning the form and function of the product and develop a garment that is truly for the MARCHING ATHLETE.  He wanted to look at ways to improve the performers experience and enhance their visual character. Just like any athlete, you need to have the right tools to perform at your best. Making this product was simply the right thing to do. Vaughan is always striving to improve our products and customer experience. We will not always hit the mark, but we WILL always keep striving to. 

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